Lillian Haukali

By Kelsey Kirkendall

Original Published Date – September 25, 2012

Six weeks ago Lillian Haukali arrived in the United States from Stavanger, Norway as part of Temple Christian School’s new foreign exchange partnership with Education First. She said that the two major differences she has noticed are the food and the weather. “It is much warmer here,” she said during an interview, “and the bacteria in the food is different. I got sick when I first came here.” Some of the food is the same though, like Lillian’s favorite food, tacos.

She says learning English wasn’t hard because Norwegian is close to English except for three letters, (Æ, Ø, Å). Lillian has been studying English for ten years now at her school, so understanding the language wasn’t a problem; it was just the transition that was hard. There were a couple of qualifications in order to join the program.  Besides having at least a C in English, participants must have good grades in all other subjects.

When asked what she missed the most about Norway, she said that she missed her friends and family.  However, she says, adjusting to her host family, the Brenneman’s, was pretty easy. “It was like they became my family right away.”

Lillian says she joined Education First because she wanted “to experience something new.” Temple is much smaller than her old school, and so far she says she likes it.