Homecoming 2012

By Kara Brown
​​​​​​​Originally Published – September 25, 2012

    It was that time of year again at Temple Christian School on September 14-15! Temple’s annual homecoming was that weekend and allowed teachers, attending students, parents, and all alumni to get together to show their support for the school and to have a blast. On Friday night people came out to help and participate in the chili dinner and the talent show.  Temple’s own varsity cheerleaders served at the meal, and afterward the teams and homecoming court were introduced. Then varsity volleyball girls wiped the floor with alumni, teachers, and various students who played them in matches to fifteen.

            On Saturday morning parents played a soccer game against their children and had a great time. After that TCS once again introduced the homecoming court and announced the queen for 2012. This was a great opportunity for attendants to represent their classes. Junior Attendant Michelle Craig stated,“ I welcome the privilege of being a homecoming attendant at Temple.”

Senior Corrine Wood was selected as homecoming queen this year, and was given the crown from the previous queen Lydia De Leon. Then to finish up homecoming, the varsity soccer team played a game against Botkins and won 3 to 1. Thank you to all who supported our teams and our school!