Across the Sea: An Interview with Yuta Kamaka

By Heather Pickrell

Originally Published – September 25, 2012

On July 24, 2012, Yuta Kamaka traveled from Tsukuba, Japan, to Lima, Ohio, after he joined the foreign exchange program to learn more about American culture. When I sat down to interview him, he expressed to me the differences between American and Japanese cultures.

He told me that to him, everything seems bigger here, but that American students have shorter lunch periods (30 minutes) than students in Japan (1 hour).  It was also different for him to come from a very large school and city to a much smaller one and to realize that Americans take showers instead of baths like the Japanese do.  He also stated that the food in America is unhealthier than the food back home.

Even though the jump from one country to another has introduced him to a new culture, Yuta has found that he likes many things about America. He says that hotdogs are his favorite American food, and he enjoys our parties.  Although the people in the Lima area and at school have been friendly toward him, he still misses his family and friends back home.

On the subject of his transition here, Yuta commented, “The transition was easy because everyone was too friendly.” But, even so, it has been hard for him to follow and communicate the English language because he only has been learning it for three years.

All in all, Yuta’s experience so far in America has been a very positive and educational experience for him,and students here at Temple Christian School are looking forward to getting to know him even more.