Apples Galore!

By Kara Brown

Originally Published: October 3, 2012


Elementary students grades K4 through 4th went to Johnny Appleseed Park for a field trip on Friday, September 21, 2012. They went from tent to tent learning all about Johnny (Chapman) Appleseed and how to use apples in making various things.

The children learned that you could use bad apples to make apple cider. Park volunteers showed Temple elementary students how to grind corn to feed the forest animals and also how to make apple butter. “I never had apple butter before,” Tanner Zwiebel (4th grade) exclaimed. “It tasted really good!”

The kids were told about Johnny Appleseed. They learned that he traveled around planting apple seeds along trails and that he always had the Bible with him in his hands. Elaina Helser (3rd grade) commented, “I learned that he wore a pot on his head.”

Students enjoyed hands-on activities in an outdoor setting while learning about Ohio’s rich history. Students will be sure to look forward to the up coming Apple Festival 2013!