Children of the World-International Children’s Choir

By Heather Pickrell

Originally Published: November 10, 2012

“Oh, happy day! Happy day! You washed my sin away!” This is what the Children of the World International Children’s Choir sang on October 19 in the Temple Christian School J.A.M. Center as they danced and told the students about their cause.

The International Children’s Choir spreads the word about the need for clean drinking water in developing countries. Since the children in the choir are from these countries themselves, they shared from experience the hardships of their lives before World Help rescued them.

The children were each rescued from a hard situation and now live in Christian orphanages where they are fed both physically and spiritually.  In addition, they are clothed, cured of diseases, and receive a proper education that they may not have had otherwise.

The children that came were from three different countries including Nepal, Uganda, and the Philippines and were dressed accordingly in their colorful native attire. They sang numerous praise and worship songs while they played the drums, encouraging the audience to join them. An offering was then taken at the end of the program for the organization to help with the need for water in developing countries.

After the performance, the children were housed overnight by several host families and were able to experience some of the activities that took place at TCS that evening, including the fall band and choir concert and 5th and 6th grade girls volleyball. They also enjoyed several activities with their host families such as riding bikes and fishing.

The International Children’s Choir opened many eyes to the plight of numerous children around the world who suffer every day and how many conveniences we take for granted daily. Temple Christian School will be sure to keep them in ourAnchor prayers.