Fire Department Visits TCS Elementary!

By Jenna Gonzales

Originally Published: October 18, 2012

On October 8, 2012, the American Township Fire Department came to Temple so that the younger kids could get a feel for how fire trucks and ambulances work and what the purpose is for them in the community.

TCS elementary students and Little Pioneer Early Learning Center students had an opportunity to have a hands-on experience with how a fire truck and ambulance are setup and what it is like to be inside one. Medic Wilson explained how all the equipment on the fire truck works. He also showed the students what the hoses do and how all of the fire suits are built to protect the firefighters while saving people’s lives.

The students learned how to respond to a fire and were introduced to the career of a firefighter. We appreciate the time that the American Township Fire Department put in to teaching our students safety during Fire Prevention Month!