No Strings Attached: An Overview of Temple…

By Kelsey Kirkendall’

Originally Published: October 3, 2012


“It was a very encouraging and uplifting week.” That’s what Heather Pickrell said about this year’s Spiritual Emphasis Week that ran from September 17-21. This year, the guest speaker was Bobby Allen, president of Living from His Life International, a  ministry in Canton, Georgia.

Mrs. Liz Ward, a member of the TCS school board and now a staff writer for Living from His Life International, first met Bob Allen at a Grace Conference several years ago. “Previously, I had begun an intimate journey with the Lord, asking God for a greater understanding of His grace,” Mrs. Ward said during the interview. “Bob Allen had answers that matched up with what God had already been teaching me.” Mrs. Ward was the person to suggest Bob Allen coming because, “I thought his unique style and insight on grace would be a benefit to Temple Christian School.”

A chapel service was held at the beginning of each day for the entire week, and each day a new topic was covered. On Monday the theme was “The Power of God”. The lesson was taken from Genesis chapter three, and while it did cover God’s power, it also included God’s love for us regardless of our mistakes. Tuesday’s lesson was titled “Towel (Not Title) Living”. During the lesson, Mr. Allen challenged everyone to concentrate on serving others rather than caring about social positions and status. On Wednesday the lesson was about forgiving others, and on Thursday the lesson was “Wait and See the Power of God”, based on John chapter eleven. On the very last day, Mr. Allen gave his testimony.

When Mr. Allen was asked what is the coolest thing about God, he said, “That He loves us for nothing with no strings attached, because of what Jesus did on the cross.” His word of advice to new Christians: “Be careful of listening to [how] people pray, just talk to God.” In other words, don’t think when you pray it has to be perfect; just have a conversation with Him.

Planning for Spiritual Emphasis Week started this summer. The hope was that it would give students a bigger opportunity to grow in their faith. Mr. Heath, the high school principal of Temple Christian School, says that he was very pleased with how this year’s event turned out. He says that his favorite day of the whole week was the first day, because he didn’t know what to expect.

“I was very satisfied with how the week went,” Mrs. Ward said. “I hope it was a blessing to our Temple family.”