Temple Honors Fall Sports Athletes

By Kara Brown

Originally Published: November 19, 2012

Temple honored athletes and parents at a banquet in the TCS high school lunchroom on Monday, October 29, with an assortment of good food and awards.

Temple’s varsity volleyball team came out of the season with 14 wins and 8 losses overall. “We grew close as a team and improved a lot through hard work but anticipate more in the future,” Lydia Shenk said about the team.

One of the awards given to honor volleyball athletes was the NWCC All-League Award.  Amanda Sutton was the only junior to make NWCC First Team All-League and was also awarded Second-Team All District. The team’s one and only senior, Corrine Wood received a plaque for four years of participation in volleyball.

NWCC Second Team All-League Award recipient Lynnea Clay said, “I was surprised because I was the only sophomore to win Second Team All-Conference.” TCS junior Alayna DeLeon also received this award for her exemplary performance on the volleyball court.  Kayla Good and Hannah Rone both received honorable mention.

Temple’s varsity soccer team ended the season this year 4-11-2. Taylor Zweibel, junior, tied with Matthew Sutton, alumnus of TCS, for most goals in one season at 26 goals. Also, Evan Sutton received a plaque for four years of participation.

All athletes were proud to be a part of Temple’s fall sport program, and all returning players are gladly waiting to have another chance to show Christ through playing sports at Temple.