Temple Honors Grandparents

By Heather Pickrell

Originally Published: October 3, 2012

On September 21, 2012, grandparents came to TCS from near and far to join their grandchildren for lunch and to see a program that the kids performed to show their appreciation for everything their grandparents have done for them.

Grandparents filled the lunchroom to its brim as they joined their grandchildren for lunch. The faces of the students brightened as they were reunited with their grandparents, and there was much laughter and many smiles throughout the entire room as the lunch period went on.

After lunch, the grandparents assembled in the J.A.M. Center to watch the program that the Temple students had prepared. Elementary students voiced their love and appreciation for their grandparents through songs and cute sayings followed by a worship service led by a few high school students. Once all the kids had left, Mr. Bowman, the principal, spoke about how special the grandparents are to the kids.

After the program I caught up with a gentleman leaving with a smile playing on his lips. When I asked him what he had thought of the program he said:

“This has been my third time coming to Grandparent’s Day. I think that it is a great experience. This school has really been an inspiration to all of my grandchildren.”

The teachers also spoke to me about this anticipated event. Erin Marshall, the director of Little Pioneers Preschool, said: “I felt fortunate to honor our grandparents and make memories with them.” Julie Lawrence, the fifth grade teacher, said that she was impressed to see all of the generations that have gone to Temple. “I saw people and parents of kids that I had in school!”

Grandparent’s Day is an anticipated event that brings together people from all over the country to celebrate the value of family. Thank you, grandparents, for attending this year’s Grandparent’s Day program!