From Islander to Ohioan

By Heather Pickrell

Originally Published: January 16, 2013

Olga Maria Castro-Gonzalez came to America on September 13 with the hopes of living the American high school experience. When she arrived, she was met with a complete culture shock. Everything was completely different from her home in Santa Cruz de la Palma, the Canary Islands, which rests a few miles from the western coast of Africa.

After studying English for ten years in school, she decided to join the foreign exchange program so that she could experience American culture. When she arrived, she was amazed by how different everything was from her home back in the Canary Islands. The United States has different food and an entirely different culture.

“You live like in a movie,” Olga exclaimed during the interview, comparing the culture to what she has seen in movies.

The recent snowfall has also been a new experience for Olga.  Olga had never seen snow before now.

“I love snow. It’s so cute!” she exclaimed and told me about her plans to build a snowman and to go sledding.

So far, Olga has enjoyed living here in the United States. She loves her host family and going to school at Temple Christian because it is so small and offers plenty of opportunities to get to know everybody. Even so, Olga misses her friends and family back home very much.

Temple Christian School is very glad to have Olga here with us, and we have all enjoyed getting to know her better. We look forward to spending time with her and the rest of the foreign exchange students while they are here this school year.