TCS Seniors Attend Passion 2013

By Lillian Haukali

Originally Published: January 16, 2013

Every year, around 60,000 students ages eighteen to twenty-five come to hear the word of God at a conference called Passion. This year the conference was held in Atlanta, Georgia, January 1-4.

“It was offered to all seniors in every high school in America, and there were 5,000 seniors there this year,” said TCS senior, Lindsay Wafzig. “Fifty-six different countries [from] all over the world [were] represented there and over 2,000 colleges,” she continued.

Temple Christian seniors Lindsay Wafzig, Justin Kroehler, Amanda Rhoad, and Andrew Rhoad attended Passion 2013 along with Mrs. Beougher, Mr. Sutton, Mr. and Mrs. Wright, and Mr. and Mrs. Szuch.

Passion has a different theme for the conference each year, and the theme of this year’s conference was the global issue of human trafficking and the End It movement that seeks to bring an end to human trafficking.

“They brought in plenty of awesome speakers, worship bands, and people in society who had a Christian voice on this subject. We also just dug deeper into the Word of God and learned about how He [is] immeasurably more able to do and work things in our lives,” Lindsay Wafzig explained.

For Lindsay, one of the most memorable and touching parts of the conference was watching a video of a girl who had been rescued from the horrors of human trafficking.

Lindsay said, “I was a big baby during it and cried the entire time! Then to top it off, right after the video, they put all the cameras to an area in the stands, and she was there! She couldn’t speak any English, but you could see how God was now in her heart, through her eyes and gorgeous smile.”

To summarize her experience at Passion 2013, Lindsay remarked, “I absolutely loved it! The presence of God was there every session and was moving immensely! One night we had over 300 salvations, which is awesome! Who doesn’t love that?”

It seems that Passion 2013 was very popular for Christian teens and opened many eyes to the world around them.  Eternity will tell how God used this group of young people to further His kingdom!