Come and Support Art!

By: Kelsey Kirkendall

Originally Published: April 15, 2013

Temple Christian School will be hosting its eleventh annual art show, Wednesday, April 24 through Thursday, May 2. The show is free and will be held on the third floor of Art Space/Lima at 65-67 Town Square, Lima. It is open 10-5 p.m. Tuesday through Friday and 10-2 p.m. Saturday. The exhibit is closed Sunday and Monday.

“It’s a good showcase for people outside of our art classes,” said Mrs. Beverly Phillips, Temple’s high school art teacher. “It’s an opportunity to show the parents what has been accomplished [during the year], and it gives students a chance to compare their work with other students who aren’t in their art classes [at Temple Christian School].”

When asked what she was excited about for this art show, Mrs. Phillips said, “How wonderful the colored pencils and the reverse charcoals are, and then you throw in the cardboard, and then I’m just excited about all of it! I let the kids choose what they would do for their cardboard projects, and I loved the directions they went with it.”

Students have different projects that they have especially enjoyed doing this year. Lincoln Wassink, a junior at Temple, said that his favorite project was the reverse charcoals (white charcoal on black paper). He said he likes how his project turned out and how it was different from any project he’d ever done.

Hannah Schroeder, a sophomore, said that her favorite project was the colored pencil drawings. “Everyone’s turned out great, and I liked the colors.”

Senior Nathan Young, said that his project, Disney’s Goofy made out of sticky notes, was his favorite because it was very different from what he had ever done, and it turned out well.

Mrs. Phillips said that she loves being an art teacher because of the kids.

“I love being exposed to youth. I love their enthusiasm, expression, and creativity. I love the fact that the world hasn’t had as much of a chance to spoil them.”

When asked why people should come to the art show, Mrs. Phillips responded, “It’s a good way to support the school, the art students, and it truly is an opportunity to see good artwork.”