Food, Family, Fun!

By: Kelsey Kirkendall

Originally Published: February 21, 2013

On February 13, students in K4 through second grade gathered in the fellowship hall to enjoy lunch with their parents. The air was filled with happy chatter as kids basked in the attention of their parents and excitedly talked with each other.

“The children love spending time with their parents and showing them what their lunch time is like,” said Mrs. Wierwille, the kindergarten teacher at Temple Christian School.

Parents brought in food from various food establishments such as Subway, McDonald’s, Kewpee, and Happy Daz. Students happily munched on their food, and parents had fun catching up with other parents.

Mr. Bowman thinks that the annual parent-student lunch is important. “It gives parents a chance to be involved with their children at school and enjoy what’s going on at TCS.”

When asked if she would have loved a chance to participate in a parent-student lunch when she was a child, Mrs. Wierwille said, “Yeah, absolutely! It would have been fun.”

Parent-student lunches are a great way for parents to interact with their kids and to share in something that is very important in their students’ lives. Parents with children in grades 3-5 were able to have lunch with their children on February 20.  Students in grades 6-8 will be able to invite their parents to lunch on February 27.