Junior High Band Prepares for Solo/Ensemble

By: Kara Brown

Originally Published: March 12, 2013

Temple’s junior high band is preparing to perform in the Solo/Ensemble competition. The competition is held at different schools each year, and this year it will be held at Elida High School on March 23. Many members of the junior high band are very dedicated to practicing for this year’s contest. Seven 8th graders and nine 7th graders are preparing for this competition. Although many of them are new to the competition this year, the students are eager to perform.

Sydney Rex, eighth grade clarinetist, said , “It makes you push harder as a musician.”

She commented that she would be playing in a trio with her classmate Adrian Williams and seventh grader Abby Johnston. They will be performing a piece titled “Russian Rondo” arranged by Frank Frickson.

Seventh grade flautist Kayla Mueller said, “I think it will teach us to get up and play in front of people.” This is her first year playing in the Solo/Ensemble contest, and she is a little nervous. She will be performing a piece with Madelyn Crawford, also a seventh grade flautist, and Madison Yingst, eighth grade flautist. They will perform “The Debonairness” by composer Clair W. Johnson.

Solo/Ensemble is designed for the benefit of the player to be able to perform in front of a new audience with judges who will critique them and give them constructive reviews.  Students will find out in just a few weeks how all of their hard work paid off!