Pep Rally

By: Kelsey Kirkendall

Originally Published: January 25, 2013

The pep band played, and excited students gathered in the bleachers January 11 for a pep rally to promote Temple’s next basketball game against Lehman Catholic. Temple’s cheerleaders entertained students with several cheers, including two that featured foreign exchange students on the cheer squad leading cheers in their native language. Several games were played, involving elementary students to help energize them for that evening’s basketball event.

“The purpose of basketball pep rallies is to increase spirit and enthusiasm in the student body for the basketball team and Temple Christian School,” said Mr. Bruce Bowman, Temple’s varsity basketball coach. “It encourages the players and gives everyone the chance to rally around the team. Hopefully, the rallies lead to larger crowds as they draw attention to the games.”

Cheerleading has long been a tradition at Temple to help get fans excited for the games.   Cheer coach Mrs. Amanda Sutton thinks pep rallies can also help get elementary students excited for the game.

“I think it helps get the crowd in the game, which can affect the outcome,” she said during an interview.

In addition, positive support from fans can mean a lot to the players.

“It makes you feel like people care,” said Michael Breaston, a member of the junior varsity basketball team.  “You want to do well in front of the school and your classmates.”

“I like to hear people in the stands,” said Lucas Wafzig, another member of the junior varsity team. “It helps me play better, and I know the floor.”

Taylor Zwiebel, a member of the varsity team agreed. “The more fans, the more energy for your team,” he said.

‪“I have been impressed with our team’s progress,” said Coach Bowman.  “We stress playing hard, playing smart, and playing together. I think this team has done those things, and I believe the team is getting better as we move through the season.  We have six seniors on the team, and they have done a good job of leading the team.”

Mr. Bowman would like to encourage all Temple fans to come support their school.  The Temple varsity basketball team currently stands at 10-5 overall and 4-1 in the NWCC.

“We have some big games left, and we would love to have some big, enthusiastic crowds down the stretch,” Coach Bowman said.

Six of the last seven games will be home games for the Pioneers, so come out and cheer on our basketball team!