Running with a Purpose

By: Heather Pickrell

Originally Published: April 29, 2013

Since February, Temple Christian high school students have been running for track. Eight students joined this year, expanding the once small program into something much larger. The team, coached by Mr. Adam Blevins, has only run in three meets so far, but there are more to come.

Conditioning started in early March. The team traveled every day after school for a week to Apex in Elida where the students worked for a week with ex-marine Luke Orndoff. Once conditioning ended, the high school students alternated between practicing at the Elida High School track and at Temple Christian School.

“I like track because it is challenging, and there is a friendly environment,” commented Lynnea Clay, a sophomore in high school.

Track is different than other sports. There is little teamwork involved except when participating in a relay. The desire to beat previous times and to become a better athlete drives each participant to do his or her best.  Even so, the environment on the track team is friendly and open.

“Without my amazing team and coaches, track would only be okay,” said Alexzander Ciminillo, a senior in high school.

During meets, the air is filled with a buzz of voices, and the mood is usually much more laid back than other sports. While traveling to various schools, opportunities arise to speak with the many other competitors. The team members enjoy getting to know students from other schools and have made many knew friends that they would have never met otherwise. The meets themselves are full of entertaining and challenging events that keep the competitors and the observers busy for hours. Seth Lugibihl, a sophomore, stated that he enjoys the heat of the race when it comes time for a meet.

“I really love going to meets,” exclaimed Heather Pickrell, a sophomore in high school. “The air is always filled with excitement, but, at the same time, the environment is somehow laid back. I always enjoy cheering on my other teammates. We are all very supportive toward one another. Without them, the meets wouldn’t be the same.”