Senior Spotlight: Andrew Rhoad

By: Kara Brown

Originally Published: April 23, 2013

What is your favorite memory verse?

1 Kings 2:1-4

As David’s time to die drew near, he charged Solomon his son, saying, “I am going the way of all the earth. Be strong, therefore, and show yourself a man. Keep the charge of the Lord your God, to walk in His ways, to keep His statutes, His commandments, His ordinances, and His testimonies, according to what is written in the Law of Moses, that you may succeed in all that you do and wherever you turn,  so that the Lord may carry out His promise which He spoke concerning me, saying, ‘If your sons are careful of their way, to walk before Me in truth with all their heart and with all their soul, you shall not lack a man on the throne of Israel.’”

What are your plans for college or after high school?

Youth Ministry Internship with Teens for Christ or Moody Bible Institute to get a ministry degree.

What is your favorite thing to cook and why?

Cereal because it’s good.

What is your favorite memory of Temple? [Editor’s note:  Andrew could not choose just one favorite memory from Temple Christian School!]

What is your favorite movie and actor? Any reason why?

Will Smith because he is a boss.

If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Lima, obviously, because it is the best.

If you were stranded on an uninhabited island, and you could choose 3 people and 4 objects to be stranded with you, whom and what would they be?

Justin Kroehler, Josh Rone, and Eric Goodman. My Bible, a boat, a basketball, and a cheeseburger.

What is your favorite subject in school?

Art. I can get lost in my project while chilling with my seniors and Mrs. Phillips.

If you could be any super hero, whom would you be and why?

Batman, well, because I am Batman.

What is the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten?

I have eaten a cicada before.