Temple Presents Rehearsal for Murder

By: Kelsey Kirkendall

Originally Published: March 22, 2013

On March 15 and 16, Temple was proud to present the play Rehearsal for Murder by D.D. Brooke at Lima Senior High. The play lasted from 7-9 p.m. and was attended by 250 people. The cast consisted of fifteen actors from the sophomore, junior, and senior classes.

“It was just so much fun,” said Alexzander Ciminillo, a senior at Temple, who played the part of Lloyd Andrews, the director. “All the cast were my friends. I got a lot closer to a lot of people.”

The play was based on the teleplay by Richard Levinson and William Link and told the story of playwright Alex Dennison (played by junior Calen Crawford) whose fiancé Monica Welles (junior Crystal Brenneman) supposedly committed suicide after the failure of a play. A year later, members of the old cast were called in to help with a new ‘play’ that had a lot of connections to past events, and they were all eventually accused of murder.

“The play kept me on the edge of my seat trying to figure out who the murderer was,” said Lynnea Clay, a sophomore at Temple.

“It had a complex story line that threw me for a loop,” said Heather Pickrell, a sophomore who played the character of Loretta, the stage manager.

Mrs. Crawford, one of the directors of Rehearsal for Murder, says that she was very pleased with this year’s performance. “I was a little concerned about two weeks out, as I usually am, when many were struggling to learn their lines, but as always happens, everyone pulled it off! I was especially pleased with how supportive everyone was of one another.  As a cast, everyone seemed to get along with one another and were very respectful of the adults working alongside them.” She says she was also pleased that students could be heard, even without the help of microphones.

“We chose this play because my co-director, Wendell Hill, was interested in doing this play for the last several years,” said Mrs. Crawford when asked why this particular play was chosen. “He had been in this play in college and felt it would be a good fit for Temple Christian School.  It is often hard to find a secular play that meets our high standards of morality, and we felt this play could, with minimal changes, fill that bill.  Since he was the most familiar with the play, Mr. Hill took the reins as the head director. This was good for me because I feel I learned a lot watching how he ran practices.”

This year’s play was filled with mystery and intrigue that kept the crowd entertained right up until the end. Mrs. Crawford says that she hopes to get the play on the calendar earlier next year so that more people will be able to enjoy the performance.