The 100th Day

By: Jenna Gonzales

Originally Published: February 12, 2013

Temple Christian’s younger elementary students celebrated the 100th day of school as a celebration on February 1. The 100 days celebration is carried on all around the country, and K5 Teacher Mrs. Jane Wierwille decided to let TCS in on all the fun!

As a part of this day, students went over anything and everything that had to do with the number 100. In the morning, students went on with the normal school day activities, but after lunch it all turned around for some fun! Students brought snacks, toys, and games to share with their classmates.

When asked what is the purpose of celebrating this event, Mrs. Wierwille answered, “For learning and education to recognize the numbers up to 100. We also divide and count out by twos and tens.”

From an academic point of view, on this day the kids took part in the following activities: walking and counting 100 steps each, counting out 100 Cheerios to make a necklace that they were able to snack on for the rest of the day, making trail mix by counting each ingredient by tens until they reached 100, and filling out each missing number in a chart from zero to one hundred. To add to the fun of the rest of the day, students made and wore “100 days” hats and glasses and students drew pictures of what they thought they would look like at 100 years old.  Some students even dressed as though they were 100 years old!

As the day slowed down and came to an end, both the students and teachers had enjoyed themselves. They were hoping to get the most fun and knowledge that they could out of this special day, and it appears they accomplished that!