The End of a Season

By: Heather Pickrell

Originally Published: March 4, 2013

Temple Christian School’s third year of bowling ended on the 16th of February after three months of hard work. Mr. Crites, the band director at Temple Christian School, took on the privilege of coaching the high school students this year as well as the last two years.

When asked what he thought of this year’s bowling, he said that he was very pleased with the growth that he saw among his players. However, he is sad to lose the strong leadership of his seniors, Nathan Young, Jared Ward, and Alex Ciminillo.

Temple’s teams went up against the WOHSBC conference for the first time, which contains the best bowlers in the state. Their matches were doubled, and they played against many skilled bowling teams. Even so, the team kept up a respectable, positive attitude throughout the season.

“I think we established another ministry, and we represent our faith well,” said Mr. Crites.

The students got along very well as a team and bonded on their numerous days traveling to games and practices. The students enjoyed spending time with their friends and coaches as well as meeting teens from other schools. They made countless fond memories that will last a lifetime, and they learned skills that they can use for the rest of their lives, not just in high school.

“It showed me that bowling is more than chucking a ball down the lanes. It is all about technique,” explained Lydia Shenk, a sophomore.

“I think that bowling will be something I will enjoy for the rest of my life and will do when I am really old,” Kara Brown, a member of the bowling team said.

Mr. Crites loved coaching the teenagers, and he cannot wait to get back to it next year. He encourages other students who have never considered bowling to give it a try.

“Having this team here is important to the school on so many levels,” he said. “We need more men and women to come try it out. Don’t make assumptions until you try it out.”