Chinese Foreign Exchange Students Visit Temple

By Kara Brown

Originally Published: April 29, 2013

Two eighth grade girls from Fushun Liaoning Experimental Junior High School in China recently joined the Temple family for a month-long look at education in the United States.  Nancy [Wei Haonan] and Ink [Yi Taimo] traveled all the way from Fushun Liaoning, China (population 5,000,000), to improve their English skills and to learn more about the American culture. They will also have the opportunity to visit Washington, D.C. and New York during their stay in America.

They have enjoyed living here with their host family, Dr. and Mrs. Chivalette, and they are also having a good time attending Temple Christian with all of the other students and learning from their teachers.

When asked what is the biggest difference between the Chinese and American educational systems, they said that the schools are very different. Their school in China has about 1,500 students in just three grades, and they said that in the U.S., the teachers ask for more opinions from their students than Chinese teachers do.  In addition, Chinese students stay in their classrooms as the teachers rotate to each classroom to teach.

Exchange student Ink commented that her favorite subject in America is music class because she likes to sing, and her favorite subject in China is geography. Nancy, however, prefers learning English here, but her favorite class in China is physics class.

Maddi Yingst, fellow TCS student, says that the biggest difference that she learned from Ink and Nancy was their culture and that their Chinese fast food is very different. She commented, “I am really happy that I got to meet Ink and Nancy. They are really nice, and they made us these cool wooden tassel things [called zanzi] by themselves.”

TCS has enjoyed having both girls join us for the month as we have learned a lot about their culture.  We wish them the best as they return to China!