2014 Homecoming Court at Temple

By: Lynnea Clay

Originally Published: September 28, 2014

Homecoming for Temple Christian school is finally here! This year for Homecoming there is a King and Queen that are voted by the student body. The 2015 seniors chose three ladies and three gentlemen to represent their class. Come join us with an exciting weekend for this year’s Homecoming!


Josephine Powell: “I was so surprised and excited!”
Ethan Deleon: “I am honored to be on the court this year!”


Abigail Durst: “I’m so thrilled to have been picked to participate in the Homecoming court!”
John Powell: “My feelings are beyond expectation!”


Hannah Pickrell: “I was overjoyed to receive this nomination!”
Dean Cooley: “I felt excited and I’m really looking forward to it!”


Stephanie Roebuck: “I am excited and grateful!”
Seth Lugibihl: “I am excited and I’m looking forward to participating.”

Alexandria Downing: “I am excited that I am on the homecoming with my best friend!”
Lucas Wafzig: “I am glad to be on the court so that I can redeem myself to Alexandria for what happened at banquet last year!”

Lydia Shenk: “I was surprised and grateful for my class for voting me in. I get to buy a new dress!”
Josh High: “I am excited and I feel honored to be chosen by my class!”