Google Classroom at Temple

By Heather Pickrell and Lynnea Clay

Originally Published: September 28, 2014

Google Inc. has recently come out with a new program called Google Classroom. Google Classroom is an online classroom that helps teachers keep organized and communicate more easily with their students. They can assign work, post notices, give and receive assignments, and much more just by accessing the program on their device. This year, Temple Christian School has decided to adopt this program into their curriculum.

Recently, Temple Christian School has been working hard to provide their students with better education, including a technical device. They have given each student from kindergarten through 12th grade either an iPad, Google Chrome Book, or a MacBook for their student’s to access the Internet more conveniently. Temple Christian is the first school in the area to provide technology to all its students. This year, the school is currently using 160 of these devices. The Google Chrome Books are a new addition to the school’s technical department.

When asked why Temple Christian has decided to use Chrome Books this year, the technical administrator, Jared Rex, said: “The Chrome Books are a very cost effective solution. One of the nice features is that everything is Cloud-based. The advantage for students is that everything they do on the Chrome Book is saved on the Cloud. If you lose the information, you can receive another Chrome Book and download everything that you lost in a few minutes.”

Temple’s goal, outside of providing technology, is to eventually go green by being paperless. That is where the idea of Google Classroom surfaced because teachers can pass out assignments and students can answer them without using paper. This will make the school more efficient and cleaner on the environment. It will save the school money each year.

At this stage, the sixth grade class is piloting the Google Class program. If it is a success, it will eventually encompass the entire student body.