Ministry of Helps

By Lynnea Clay

Originally Published: September 29, 2014

Ministry of Helps is a designated job of service that assists the TCS faculty and staff. Students such as Josh High, Seth Hunt, Lucas wafzig, and Lydia Shenk and contless others volunteer to aid the school. They do a variety of jobs from taking out the trash to helping the elementary to their cars safely. Some of these jobs may seem silly or not that important, but they help to assist the school, and while serving them they are also serving God.

Josh High- “I go over and help the children get into their cars. I am spreading a legacy for the senior class by being an example of a person with a servant’s heart.”

Seth Hunt- “I assist Josh high with helping the elementary get to their cars safely.”

Lydia Shenk– “I go get Mrs. Finch’s baby Gracie from the nursery! I love getting out of class and helping the school! This is also some of my volunteer hours for the Honors society.”

Lucas Wafzig- “I go around and pick up trash for the school!”