Students Envision “Do Something”

By Heather Pickrell

Originally Published: October 1, 2014

Beverly Philips, the art teacher at Temple Christian School, assigned her students to think of what this year’s school motto “Do Something” would look like in collage form. This idea replaced the yearly sketchbook collage that is typically centered on the student’s personalities or interests. Her request was met with a lot of enthusiasm and hard work, and the pupils delivered beautifully.

“When we had our opening teacher’s meeting, Dr. Powell told us about the theme ‘Do Something’ which is based off the Matthew West song calling us to serve each other in Christ.” Philips explained looking down at the art her students had created. “I felt as if it would be nice if we all used the theme in order challenge us to have our art reflect our faith.”

After about four weeks of hard work, the art students produced a number of wonderful pieces that expressed the theme well on many levels. Kelsey Kirkendall, a senior and four-year art student, explained how her collage came into being. “I saw this picture that had faded from blues to yellows, and I liked the light to dark concept. I thought that it would make a neat collage because that’s what doing something is to me. It’s bringing people from darkness and hopelessness and showing them light and hope.”

Lynnea Clay, a fellow senior and four year art student at Temple said: “I did mine in honor of the people serving in the military because I really admire their service to our country.”

The collages featured many of the problems facing our world today such as poverty and war along with messages of hope, compassion, and the love of Jesus Christ. Some also expressed the need for Christians to “take up their cross” and follow in the path that God has set for their lives. All in all, almost all of them expressed what “Do Something” means to them on a personal level.

Philips was very delighted with the outcome and efforts that her students put towards the project. “I was really pleased. I can tell when a class likes an idea, and this project caused a lot of students to think and invest more in their assignment to make it mean something. On the whole, I am extremely pleased at how many did really well.”

The collages are a great beginning for the art program as the students strive to embody how they can “do something” in everyday things, even in their artwork. This year is looking to be a great school year for the high school art classes as they look forward to future projects and opportunities to inspire or be inspired themselves.