Temple Golfers are Above Par

By Kelsey Kirkendall

Originally Published: September 28, 2014

Temple has a history of proud golfers, but this tradition has only been recently revived in the past few years. This year, Temple’s varsity team has six members, all of them sophomores or juniors.
“We are the only varsity team in the area that has sophomores and juniors on it,” said Adrian Williams, a sophomore member of the team at Temple. “And all of the teams we are playing against are mostly seniors.”

That in itself is pretty impressive when you take into account the team’s record. Their total for the last two years is 16 and 3, and this year they stand at a team average of 5 to 3. Last year they even came close to winning the league championship, but lost by one stroke.

The team can be seen playing and practicing at Hidden Creek Golf course, and while they can’t agree on why they like golf, one thing is clear: these boys will remain friends on and off the course.

Seth Hohlbein (10): average of 44 strokes
“ I like golf because it is relaxing.”
Ty Callahan (10): average of 46 strokes
“I think golf is awesome!”
Micah Craig (10): average of fifty strokes
“I like golf because it doesn’t require as much physical activity as other sports.”
Adrian Williams (10): average of  45 strokes
“I like golf because it is the only sport you can never perfect.”
Judah Whitman (10): average of 41 strokes
“I like golf because it makes me happy.
Dean Cooley (11):  “It’s a lot of work in the beginning but it is really rewarding in the end.”
Joey Hutchison (11): “Golf is fun.”

Ty Callahan
Temple Christian School Pioneers Golf