Temple Transitions to Technology

By Kelsey Kirkendall

Originally Published: September 28, 2014

Technology is becoming an ever-growing presence in every aspect of American’s lives, and that is why Temple Christian School has decided to bring it to the classroom. This year, every student in grades three through eleven will be receiving a Google Chrome book, elementary students in grades K5 through two have an IPad, and seniors will receive a MacBook. These devices will aid them in their schoolwork, and to help students learn skills that they can eventually use in the work place.

Dr. Dewitt Powell, superintendent of Temple Christian Schools, believes that keeping up with current portable technology is very important. “Technology, 30, even 50 years ago was the over head projector. You can’t put that in your pocket and carry it around. Today you can easily access a homework site, read a book, work on a power point, and much more with our current technology. Technology is a tool. However that tool is easy to carry and manage. We must teach our students to utilize a variety of databases [and] software so that when they go out into the job world or college they are ready for tomorrow’s workforce. We utilize the technology for electronic books for a variety of subjects.”

These new technological advances are used for schoolwork, such as reports and homework assignments. They also help students keep in touch with teachers’ via-email, and help them to be more organized.

Teachers at Temple are also beginning to understand the ways that technology can provide unique learning opportunities. Mr. BJ McPheron, teacher and Assistant Principal, says: “Technology opens the door to a world of education tools and activities that allow students to self discover as well as prepare them for the future of our world. The ability to create, learn, and problem solve are vital skills and using the awesome and ever changing technology our world has to offer is a great opportunity. Here at Temple the many opportunities students have each day to interact on many different technological platforms is tremendous. It also keeps me as a teacher in a cycle of learning as new ideas and applications are released we can continue to be more efficient, and expand the education outside the four walls of the classroom.”

Temple is excited for this new change in education. Hopefully, it will provide a new depth of learning for its students, and will give students the tools to thrive in a technological world.