Volleyball at Temple

By Lynnea Clay

Originally Published: September 28, 2014

The 2014 Temple Christian Volleyball team motto is Power Through! The reasoning behind this motto is due to the multiple injury setbacks we have had this year.  Three freshmen players have stepped up and played varsity because of the multiple injures. These freshmen are: Heather Goliver, Madelyn Crawford (later injured as well), and Brittany Swartz. The volleyball team has lost Maddie Yingst and Abigail Durst (both middle hitters) for the entire season due to injury. The volleyball team was forced to use their libero, Lydia Shenk, as an offensive, outside hitter.  The libero tends to be the shortest player on the team as well as the best defensive player.  Our outside hitter, Kara Brown, was then moved to play middle hitter position. Despite all of these setbacks and hard times, the volleyball team continues to persevere. The Temple Volleyball team’s record is currently three wins out of ten matches.

Volleyball JV/Varsity Roster

Names Grade Position Currently Playing
Kara Brown Senior Outside Hitter Middle Hitter
Lydia Shenk Senior Libero Outside Hitter
Bethany Powell Senior Setter Setter
Lynnea Clay Senior Middle Hitter Middle Hitter
Rachael Acklin Junior Right side Hitter Outside Hitter
Heather Goliver Freshman Outside Hitter Outside Hitter
Madelyn Crawford Freshman Setter Injured
Brittany Swartz Freshman Setter Setter
Maddie Yingst Sophomore Middle Hitter Injured
Abigail Durst Sophomore Middle Hitter Injured
Kaitlyn Sutton Sophomore Outside Hitter Outside Hitter
Sydney Rex Sophomore Defensive Specialist Defensive Specialist
Aryne Recker Freshman Outside Hitter Injured
Kayla Mueller Freshman Middle Hitter Middle Hitter
Shelby Feeny Freshman Libero Setter
Morgan Callahan Freshman Wasn’t on roster Outside Hitter

Senior Stats for the Year

Player Aces Digs Kills
Kara Brown 23 86 32
Lydia Shenk 9 111 12
Bethany Powell 19 59 20
Lynnea Clay 15 81 116

The Seniors Volleyball Players Perspective

Lydia Shenk “I appreciate everyone’s effort in coming out and supporting our poor injured team!”

Bethany Powell “I appreciate Morgan Callahan for stepping up and helping the JV!”

Kara Brown “I appreciate coach because he takes a lot of time and effort out of his daily life to help us!”

Lynnea Clay “I appreciate the younger classman for stepping up and playing varsity!”