Superintendent Bruce Bowman

A Letter From The Superintendent

Mr. Bruce Bowman, the superintendent of Temple Christian School, has been involved throughout the forty years of the school’s existence in many ways. Starting as a fifth grader in 1976 when the school opened, he has witnessed much of TCS’s history and made a significant impact on the school as a whole. Since Temple is a major part of his life, he had a lot to share about his experiences here.

When asked what he believes is the most influential change that Temple has seen over the years, he shared, “I think the biggest overall change was the adding of a middle school and high school as we made our way through the first decade of the school. This has given hundreds of students the opportunity of graduating from Temple. In addition, we have added many extra-curricular programs that have provided students with many opportunities to use the talents and gifts the Lord has blessed them with. I’d say another substantial change was our decision to seek and receive our state charter in 2006. This has been a positive for the school in many ways. It has given us additional credibility, helped us improve our technology, and provided many additional academic resources for our students.”.

    Bowman was also asked if he ever believed he would’ve found himself here teaching forty years after he started as a fifth grader, and how that feels. He stated, “I was a fifth grader when the school opened in 1976. I’m sure I didn’t have any idea what I’d be doing for a living at that time, but by the time I was in eighth grade, I knew I wanted to teach and coach. I definitely wanted to return to Temple. I absolutely loved the school and its people. The school’s administrators and teachers really had a strong influence on me. They were great role models, and they showed me that you could really enjoy being in the ministry and influencing the lives of young people. I thought so much of the experience I wanted to be able to give back and have the same kind of influence on others. I was definitely excited when I was hired as the high school history teacher, varsity basketball coach, varsity soccer coach, and varsity baseball coach for the 1989-90 school year. The years have flown by. It is definitely hard to believe that I’m beginning my 28th year at Temple. Obviously, the school has meant a lot to my family and me.”.

Lastly, Bowman was asked about how he’s seen God move spiritually through the lives of people at Temple. He replied, “I have seen many students make significant commitments to the Lord while students at Temple. I have seen many go on to serve the Lord in full-time Christian service or go into many other occupations and serve the Lord in that capacity. Temple had a significant influence on my own spiritual growth. I had great parents and a great church that had given me a tremendous foundation, but Temple Christian School and its people really influenced me a lot through my teen years. I had great administrators, coaches, and friends who God used to minister in my life.”.

Thank you, Mr. Bowman, for sharing with us. We appreciate your dedication and commitment to serving Temple. You have influenced many and done a lot for His Kingdom, and it does not go unnoticed. This school would not be where it is today without God using you to make a great impact here for His glory! Blessings over your year as superintendent here!