TCS – Ilona Szuch

New Student Spotlight: Ilona Szuch

Welcome to all new TCS students! This year TCS has had a total of eighteen new students. Each week will be a new student in the “New Student Spotlight. Please help us in welcoming each new student.

This week will focus on Ilona Szuch, a new sixth-grade student. Szuch says, “Temple is great! Everyone is so friendly and kind.” Before she came to Temple she was originally homeschooled, so being here at Temple is a new experience altogether. When asked about being in a new school setting she said, “Everyone changes classes here, and there is a lot more to remember. With all the different teachers and classes to go to it is a lot different than being homeschooled.” Ilona’s favorite movie right now is The Hunger Games. Her favorite song is currently “Steady Me” by Hollyn. Szuch’s favorite color is purple. This is Ilona’s first year in the high school so everything can be a bit overwhelming with all the taller and older students. She stated, “At first it was a little scary and intimidating, but then I realized the older kids are just taller versions of us.” Even though it might be her first year she already has a favorite teacher, she said, “Mrs. Bowman is my favorite but if other teachers see this tell them I love them all.” Thank you, Ilona! Have a blessed school year.