Mrs. Welch

Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Welch

Mrs. Kayla Welch is starting her third year here at TCS, and she teaches High School English, Yearbook, and the Journalism classes. Welch stated, “It feels great to be back at TCS and to start the year with new teachers and students.” She has many different plans for the year in English. She says, “We will be writing various research projects, reading many classic novels like Sherlock Holmes, Frankenstein, Julius Caesar, etc., and many different creative projects students will complete. Throughout the year I really hope to see students learning and having fun while learning. I want students to grow academically, but also I want to see students grow spiritually. I also hope to see students caring about each other and making new friends.” Welch loves being in the classroom and getting back into a schedule for the year; her least favorite thing would have to be the fear of getting sick!

After a long stressful day at school she enjoys going home and relaxing by walking her two dogs, August and Rey, she also enjoys eating ice cream when she’s stressed. When asked if she could go back in time and choose a different path to go down what career change would she do, she said, “I believe that God called me to be an educator at a young age, but if I could go down a different path I would have maybe looked into photography or graphic design which I really enjoy doing now.” If given the chance she would change her classroom color to dark gray on one wall and her favorite color, yellow, on all the other walls. Along with things that she enjoys are her favorite scents, which are pretty much all Fall flavors like pumpkin, apple, fresh cut grass. In five years she hopes to have her Masters in Education, also hopes to travel more with her whole family, including her two dogs.