Juliette Kinnear

New Student Spotlight: Juliette Kinnear

For this week’s new student spotlight we have Juliette Kinnear who is in the sixth grade. Juliette’s full name is Juliette Anese Kinnear before she came here she went to Shawnee Public Schools. When asked how she was liking Temple and how it is different from Shawnee she said, “ I love Temple! I feel like I can be myself and not be ashamed of who I am. I fell like I already have a lot of new friends! I was here for K5, so I already know all the kids in my class except for four. Something that is different at TCS is that this school is more connected, and everyone knows everyone. It feels like the whole school is just one big family!”

Juliette is also happy that her mom, Mrs. Kinnear is teaching at TCS this year. At her house, she has two pets: one dog, Miles, who is five months old and one rabbit, Rose, who is three years old. Her favorite movie is “Do You Believe?”. Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Smith, whom she has for math. Her favorite color is blue. When asked about how it feels to be at the high school for the first time with all the older kids she said, “Being with the older kids in high school does not bother me. However, when the bell rings, the hallway is crazy! All the kids are just towering over me! It is like a stampede of giants about to trample me!” Welcome back to TCS, Juliette. Have a blessed year!