Temple Christian School – Soccer 2016

Getting the Goal!

The Temple Christian Pioneers soccer team has started the season strong and last night had a great win over Spencerville with a score of 7-1, their record is now (5-3-1) with five wins, three losses, and one tie game. The team is composed of four seniors: Judah Whitman, Rylan Ward, DJ Clay, and Taren Zwiebel. As well as six Juniors: Cameron Worsham, Levi Shenk, Ethan Kramer, Seth Ward, Paul Holloway, Dillon Grover, Ethan Deleon, and three sophomores: Brody Bowman, Dakota Clay, and John Acklin. The freshmen are Isaac Lee, Lincoln Waters, and Jacob Holloway. They are coached by Mr. BJ McPheron.

Senior goalkeeper, DJ Clay stated, “Soccer has been an excellent and enjoyable experience! With hard work, anything can be accomplished.” John Acklin, a sophomore defensive back said, “I enjoy hanging out with the team every day and the adrenaline you feel when you step onto the field.” Senior Rylan Ward stated, “It’s been a fun year and I’ve enjoyed all the people on the team I think it is going to be a really good year with our experience.” Senior Judah Whitman was asked what he wants to say to next year’s freshmen who will be joining the team and Whitman replied with “work hard, enjoy it, embrace every opportunity, and love every moment because the time goes fast.” Good luck to the Varsity Soccer Team as they continue in their season!