Mrs. Brokaw

Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Brokaw

Mrs. Valeri Brokaw is teaching Bible seven, middle school band and choir, and high school band and choir. Mrs. Brokaw is joining us this year, from Malaysia. When asked how being in the United States is different from Malaysia she said, “What I’m teaching is very similar, but there are some significant differences. For starters, Temple is in the US, and my old school, Dalat International School, is in Malaysia. Temple is about half as big as Dalat. All the classrooms at Temple are on interior hallways, but Dalat is in the tropics, so every room opens to outside walkways. Temple faces Brower Road; Dalat faces the Indian Ocean. Dalat also has a lot of different nationalities represented in its student population (about 25 different countries–lots of Koreans, for example). There are a lot more differences related to location, but both schools are Christian schools with Bible classes and Chapel and great, God-loving students!”

Brokaw is glad to be back in a school routine. When asked how does it feel to be back in school she said, “It’s weird to be in a new school after being at an international school in Malaysia for so many years, but it’s definitely good to be back in school after a crazy summer of transition from Malaysia to the US.” Her plans for the year are to get to know the TCS students and have fun making great music with the students. She hopes to see her students grow in their love for and understanding of God, and in their musical skill and confidence this year. The thing she enjoys most this year is being with students. Her favorite foods at her last school were salads and burritos. When asked what she likes to do to relax after a stressful day she responded with, “Relax? What’s “relax”? Actually, when I need to unwind, I like to journal.”

If given the chance to change her career Mrs. Brokaw said, “I love what I do and would probably not change a thing.” Her favorite scents include Vanilla and Cinnamon Spice. She said when asked what her favorite color was, “Over the years it has shifted from peach to lavender to turquoise. For now, I guess I’ll say purple.” In five years she wants to be still teaching music.