Chaprece Dixon

New Student Spotlight: Chaprece Dixon

This week’s new student spotlight is on Chaprece Dixon who is in the sixth grade. Her favorite movie is “13 going on 30”, which is a 2004 classic. Her favorite musician is a hip-hop artist named KB. Before coming to Temple, she went to Heir Force Community School.

When asked how she likes Temple so far and how it is different from her last school she said, “I went to Heir Force Community School. I like Temple a lot so far, the teachers are really nice.” Dixon’s favorite meal here at TCS is the hamburger meal with chips and pudding! Her favorite color is purple. Dixon likes being in the high school with the older kids; she says, “I like being in the high school because I am always with bigger kids and I like having my own locker as well. My older sister is also here, which I like.” Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Kinnear, who is her homeroom teacher. Since Dixon is at the high school, she gets to experience many of the things the bigger kids get to, like more homework and more activities to do outside of school. At her house, she has two pit bulls named Smoke and Sidney.