Mrs. Kinnear and family

Teacher Spotlight: Mrs. Kinnear

Mrs. Megan Kinnear is excited to be at TCS full-time this year and to have her children attend here as well. Kinnear stated “I am enjoying my time here, this is a great school. I love the Bible based teaching! I also see lots of talent, and it’s like a family.” Her plans for the year are wanting the kids to come to learn and just teaching a lot of things that include: art, Spanish, gym, and Bible.
Temple is different from where she has worked before because the only places she’s worked at were corporate and nonprofit companies, it is different when in a faith-based environment. Kinnear said, “At Temple, there are more team players, students look out for each other and carry each other’s burdens, not like it in the corporate world.” She hopes to see some students come to Christ throughout the year too.
When asked what her favorite thing about returning to school is, she said, “the possibilities of what the year has, younger people actually want to be here, and they are eager to learn which is fun to see.” When asked what she likes to do after a busy day at school she said, “I don’t know what I would do if I had free time.” She later said if she had the time she would probably sit with her husband and kids and watch something on TV.
Since coming to Temple, this is a career change for her, public relations and advertising were what she was doing before. Now Kinnear feels teaching is the career for her. If she could choose to redecorate her room any way she would want it to look like Mrs. Phillips’ rooms, art everywhere; she is a big big fan of color. Her favorite scent is vanilla, and her favorite color is aqua blue. In five years she hopes to be doing the same thing, teaching.