Rylan Ward

Senior Spotlight: Rylan Ward

Rylan Ward is a senior and enjoys attending high school at Temple. He has two brothers, Jarod and Seth, and he is a leader in many ways. Rylan has attended Temple for six years and was homeschooled before that. He is involved in many student activities and can be found helping run and organize the Wednesday praise band, doing the sound, and helping pick the songs. He plays varsity soccer, serving as team captain this year. Many of the younger players on the soccer team have commented on how much they appreciate Rylan’s senior leadership and constant caring attitude.

Not only does Rylan have a huge heart for God, but he is also always encouraging others and lifting people up. When asked to describe himself in three words, Rylan said “determined, carefree, and steadfast.” These words are a true description of his character. Rylan has said that Temple has been a great place for him to grow spiritually, as everyone is of the same faith and that helps build each other up.

After high school, Rylan plans to become a firefighter, with helping others in need being his passion. He originally planned to be a police officer, even taking many ride alongs with current police. However, when he realized the intricacies of firefighting, it drew him in. He knows that he may have to put himself in harm’s way to help others, and he realizes that it is just part of God’s plan for his life.  As you see Rylan around the school or on the soccer field this year, be sure to say hi, and offer some words of encouragement!