Jacqueline Sweeny

Temple Christian’s Student Government: The Path to Excellence

Many of you know Jacqueline Sweeney, senior, cheerleader, and the 2016-2017 Temple Christian’s Student Body President. Student Government has been at TCS for four years now. Jacqueline has been on the government since it started at Temple. When asked why did you what to become student body president? Sweeney replied with “I wanted to become student body president because it is a great opportunity to serve the students of Temple. I strongly believe that a big aspect of leading is actually serving, and that is what I have a passion for”.

Sweeney answered the question what is it like being student body president here at TCS with, “It is a very demanding position to fill. I enjoy that aspect of it. To be student body president, you need to have a passion for the work that comes with the position.” There are many different changes Sweeney would like to make she stated, “I want to be a servant to the students of Temple. By the end of this year, I would love for the students to feel like they have a voice and know that they have the ability to rise and impact our school in awesome ways. I would also love for the students to feel like they have been encouraged spiritually by myself and the other student government members”.

Already this year Sweeny has accomplished so much like See You At the Pole, Homecoming spirit week and there are plans for so much more she said, “We are currently working on some exciting projects that I believe the students will enjoy.” Would you like your voice to be heard? Sweeny stated, “Each grade has at least two representatives to the student government. If you have any concerns or ideas, you can bring them to your representative(s). They then will bring it to the entire student government. After that, I bring the ideas and concerns to the school administrators and discuss with them what would be the best course of action.”

When asked how effective Student Government is Sweeny stated, “Student Government can be very effective. It all depends on how much work you are willing to put in”. There are many ways to run for president of the student body to run for president; you must be one of the representatives for your class in student government. The representatives are voted on at the end of each year. At the beginning of your senior year, you have the option of running for president. Typically two candidates will run and are then voted on by the students of Temple. Sweeney has advice for next year’s student body president, “You have such a wonderful opportunity being in the position of student body president. Put the effort in the position. You will find it very rewarding when you see your hard work paying off and making a difference in the lives of your classmates”.