Kaityln Sutton

Senior Spotlight: Kaityln Sutton

Senior Kaitlyn Joy Sutton, 18, was born on April 22, 1998, at St. Rita’s in Lima, Ohio. She has been a student at Temple since K-4 and attends Lima Baptist Temple for church. Kaitlyn is a varsity volleyball player, varsity cheerleader, the secretary for Temple’s National Honor Society, a vocalist on the chapel praise team, a 2016 senior homecoming court attendant, and is involved in the school’s annual drama productions. Outside of school, Kaitlyn is actively involved with Teens for Christ by being a member of the Ministry Team, volunteering as a leader at the Waynesfield Jr. High Chapter, attending weekly chapter meetings, and going to Saturday Night Prayer. She also sings with the Lima Baptist Temple Church Choir.

Included in Kaitlyn’s hobbies are singing, dancing, listening to music, watching Netflix, and hanging out with her friends. Kaitlyn enjoys watching the TV show Grey’s Anatomy because of all the life saving done with advanced science and technology. One of her favorite movies is You Again, a chick-flick comedy she enjoys for its humor and lesson of solving issues upright. If Kaitlyn could meet any celebrity, she would choose either Mariah Carey or Demi Lovato and would have several questions to ask them about their experiences in the entertainment industry. Kaitlyn is the youngest of four children, after her brothers Tyler and Austin, and sister Amanda. All are alumni of Temple including her parents Buck and Kristin, Buck being the president of Teens for Christ, where Kristin also works on staff. The Sutton’s also have a black toy poodle and Shih Tzu named Maizy.

When asked her favorite childhood memory, Kaitlyn stated that she enjoyed falling asleep on her dad’s shoulders as a little girl when they were on a cross-country adventure. Her best vacation was the Princess Cruise she took to the Caribbean last December with her extended family, stating that the ship was super nice and the expeditions to the other countries were really fun. Kaitlyn’s favorite memory made while in school at Temple is all the conversations she shared with her sports teams on the bus coming back from games and matches.

1 Kings 18:37 is Kaitlyn’s life verse: “Answer me, O LORD, answer me, that this people may know that You, O LORD, are God, and that You have turned their heart back again.”. “Even When it Hurts” by Hillsong is currently her favorite worship song. Her future plans include entering the Youth Ministry Institute through Teens for Christ, attending online courses through Summit University to obtain a degree in some type of ministry or counseling.

In response to the question of what she will miss the most about going to school at Temple, Kaitlyn shared that she will miss being surrounded by Christian people who lift her up and having people there for her to talk to when she is stressed. In regards to her last season of cheerleading, Kaitlyn said she is excited to be a leader and enjoy all the opportunities she has as a senior but is sad to think that it’s her last year. Kaitlyn also added that she wants to leave a legacy behind, “that when people look at me, they don’t see my talents, they see God through me.” Thank you, Kaitlyn, for sharing and blessings over the rest of your senior year! We appreciate the impact you’ve made at Temple!