TCS Elementary – Thanksgiving 2016

TCS Gives Thanks

It’s that time of the year again where we give thanks and here at TCS we have a lot to be thankful for! Many different students in the Elementary were asked what they are thankful for and what Thanksgiving means to them.

Karsten Hays in K-5 got asked what he thinks Thanksgiving is about; he replied “Good food.”  The thing Karsten is thankful for is God.
Mason Lesko is in the first grade and says “Thanksgiving is about good food, who can argue with that?” The thing Mason is thankful for is his grammy’s dogs.
Zach Mets is in second grade, and he is thankful for his mom, dad, and family.
Alyssa Campbell is in third grade, and she says Thanksgiving is about the Indians. She is thankful for her family and her dogs.
Aniya Nichols is in fourth grade and says Thanksgiving is about giving thanks to others. Aniya says we have Thanksgiving to give thanks to the things we have like parents and food. She is thankful for her family, God, siblings, friends, and school. Neviah Simmons and Ava Taylor are in fourth grade, and both say Thanksgiving is about Indians, Pilgrims, and love. They both also agree about why we have Thanksgiving, they both said, “We have Thanksgiving so that we can celebrate the Pilgrims and Indians that came here.” Neviah is thankful for God because He has blessed us, and her family because they have a magnificent time. Ava is thankful for the holidays and God because He created time to spend with family. Jaymin Parent is in fourth grade, and she says, “I think Thanksgiving is about sharing and giving thanks to others and the reason I believe that we have Thanksgiving is to show to others that we care about them.” Jaymin is thankful for her family, friends, siblings, and that her parents can provide horse riding for her. Emily Ketcham is in fourth grade and says that Thanksgiving is about gathering with family, giving thanks for what God has given us and the reason we have Thanksgiving is for the yummy food and to give thanks to God for what he has given us. Emily is thankful for her family and her dog.
Shelby Mitchell is in fifth grade, and she says Thanksgiving is about family and giving. “The reason we have Thanksgiving is that the Indians and Pilgrims became friends.” Shelby when asked what she is thankful for said “God.” Here at TCS we have many things to be thankful for. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving!