TCS 2016 Bowling Team

TCS Bowling Team 2016

Bowling is becoming a major sport at Temple Christian but with a small team of seven players this year. There are many new bowlers to the team, so this is a building year for the team. The team is made up of seven dedicated players and is coached by Dick Mowery. The team is made of Three seniors: Lexi Bayliff, Sydney Biglow, and Ethyn Dirmeyer. Along with the two juniors: Gabe DiLallo and Jacob Helser. The freshmen are Seth Nickles and Jaiden Marshall.

The statistics for the Temple Christian varsity bowling team of 2016 is zero wins with three losses and no ties. Gabe DiLallo is the top bowler with a high score of 278. They practice two times a week on Mondays and Wednesdays at Twentieth Century Lanes located in Lima close to the YMCA. The player’s top scores are Jacob Helser with a score of 168, Lexi Bayliff with a 214, Sydney Biglow with a top score of 110, Ethyn Diermyer with 225, Seth Nickles with a 146, and Jayden Marshall with 150.

The bowling team this year is working hard to advance their skills in the sport of bowling and have made significant improvements from last year’s season. I asked how the season is going for the team and junior, Gabe DiLallo replied with, “Well this year is going fantastic!” Senior bowler, Ethyn Dirmeyer answered with, “Really well, everybody has improved, we have taken a lot of new players, and everybody does their best for the team, Jaiden has started playing this year and has taken things slowly but is improving quickly.” When asked about his first year bowling Jayden said, “I like the sport, and it’s definitely a learning experience. I’ve changed a lot with my bowling since I’ve started.” Everybody is working hard to improve and do the best for the team this year, so come out to their games and support our 2016 bowling team!