TCS Elementary Christmas 2016

Elementary Christmas Program

Every year at Temple Christian School the elementary puts on an excellent Christmas program involving the students. This year was no different! The students practiced for weeks, and they were anxious to show off what they learned. It included music, some acting, and of course, many laughs and smiles. What a great way to celebrate the birth of Christ!

The talented students played many different instruments including clarinets, triangles, tambourines, keyboard bells, and drums. The student’s teachers worked with them patiently to help them do their best, and the work paid off! They sounded great and were able to perform some sweet Christmas tunes. Not only were instruments played, but they also sang carols and festive songs. Music brings everyone together, and this was shown beautifully at the performance.

Aside from the music and songs performed, there was also a skit! Students dressed up as the traditional Bible characters Mary, Joseph, Gabriel, and many others. As with the music, the teachers were able to lead the students into doing a beautiful job. The play had humor, a wholesome heartfelt message, and showcased the talent of Temple Christians own. All in all, the elementary Christmas program is a wonderful tradition that never gets old!