Brody B. – Varsity Basketball

TCS Varsity Basketball

The Temple Christian Varsity Basketball team this year is composed of six seniors: Ty Callahan, Seth Hohlbein, Darrell Clay, Noah Powell, Terrain Zwiebel, Adrian Williams, Dakota Clay, Oscar Rojo, Nathaniel White, Brody Bowman, and Dawson Draper. The team is doing fairly well with a statistic of two wins and two losses. The last game, against Parkway, was a struggle for the lead as both teams battled for the win in this monumental game. The game ended with a buzzer-beater by Temple Christian Senior Seth Hohlbein put an end to the game by a score of 52-50 with Temple Christian taking the win.
“I felt amazing; It was an indescribable moment.” when asked about his previous injury Temple Christians Varsity Senior said, “during the game, I fell on my left hand and suffered a contusion.” When asked about the game vs. Parkway Temple Christians Varsity Senior Ty Callahan said “It was an excellent moment for our team and me, It made me feel like I could do anything. It reminded me of David and Goliath because we were the underdogs who came out on top.”
When I asked Darrell Clay about the topic, he replied with “It was intense, and it was a whole lot of fun taking the win.” Temple Christian Varsity Senior Adrian Williams responded to the topic with, “It was crazy, it was insane getting the win, the team showed so much heart and determination it was incredible to see the team working together so well to help secure the win for Temple. We have been practicing hard and are working better together.” Temple Christian Varsity Basketball team this year is showing heart and striving towards God. Don’t miss out on the next game!