TCS Exchange Students

New Student Spotlight: Junior Exchange Students

Please give a warm welcome to Oscar Rojo, Cheyenne Munarriz, and Dora Costa, and no they are not related. Oscar, Leyre, and Dora all join us from Spain with the TCS Exchange Student Program. 

First up is Oscar Rojo. Oscar’s full name is Oscar Rojo Gonzalez. Before he came here, he went to I.E.S. Vela Zanetti. He is currently sixteen years old. So far the hardest thing that Oscar has done this year has been to study US History and Government. One object that he wanted to try while he was here, was lockers, and he’s already got to try it out. However, one downside to being in a different country is he doesn’t get to see his friends from back home. I’m sure when he returns he will get a big “Welcome Back” party. This year he is looking forward to learning, not just what school has to offer but cultural differences as well. One thing he has to say about Temple is, “You definitely know more people here that respect you.” Oscar’s favorite subject in school is High School Band, and his least favorite is Government. His favorite activity here and in Spain is basketball, and his favorite meal so far is cornbread. His least favorite thing is waking up early. 

Second up is Leyre, who goes by Cheyenne. Her full name is Leyre Cheyenne Munarriz Goicoa. She joins us from Sagrado Corazon Pamplona. Cheyenne is currently sixteen years old. She is looking forward to seeing snow for the first time, making friends, and learning about new things. The hardest thing she has had to do this year is trying to explain herself to others when she talks and opening up to people about her life. One thing Cheyenne wants to do this year is just enjoying this experience. When asked how Temple has transformed you Cheyenne replied, “Coming to Temple has made me more open to new challenges.” Cheyenne was asked, “How is Temple Christian School different from your other school?” and she replied, “This school is definitely smaller, the subjects and homework are different, and the sports teams are different as well. Back home we don’t have sports teams for school.”  Her favorite meal back home is paella, which is a Spanish dish of rice, saffron, chicken, seafood, etc., cooked and served in a large shallow pan. Since she has been here, she has not missed her old school due to the new sense of adventure. If she could change one thing about the rules here, she would change the dress code. If Cheyenne could choose one superpower out them all, she would choose telepathy. Her nicknames include Penguin and Lele. After high school, Cheyenne said she wants to, “be happy and successful and I want to travel everywhere I don’t want to miss anything are my goals in life.”

Third, but not least is Dora Costa, her full name is Dora Maria Costa Gonzalez. Colegio Apostol Santiago Jesuitas Vigo is the school that Dora has joined us from. Dora describes herself as:  Outgoing, sociable, creative, confident, caring, reliable, Free spirit, enthusiastic, independent, active, non-boring, foodie, transparent, open book, honest, truthful, talkative, and caring. Her hobbies include dance, painting, photography, and hanging out with friends. Dora turns seventeen with us on January 31st, and she thinks snow is going to be cold, white, funny, and aggravating for people who drive. Her favorite teacher is Mrs. Kinnear, who is also her host parent. Her favorite type of music is Hip-Hop. Cheerleading, Country Concert, Prom, Homecoming, and snow are just a few things Dora has wanted to do/see when she is in America.