Mary Brown Service Award

Mary Brown Service Award 2017

Mrs. Mary Brown was a kind-hearted person who devoted herself to helping the students of Temple Christian, elementary and high school alike. She was born on September 18, 1948, in Warren Ohio. Mrs. Brown’s daughter, Mrs. Finch, said that Mrs. Brown jokingly referred to her home city a mafia town. Mrs. Brown later attended Findlay Elementary but graduated from Elida high school. She never attended college, but that never stopped her fulfilling her dreams, and encouraging others to follow theirs as well. Mary Brown devoted her life to the people of Temple. She loved the kids a lot, and she poured her heart into them.

The Mary Brown Award is an honor to the recipients who have put in a tremendous amount of service to the school and its students, just as Mary Brown did. The first recipient of the award went to Rhonda and Rodney Wood in 2016. Mr. Matt Barnes is the 2017 Mary Brown Award recipient. Barnes earned this award for his many years of service, in the 1980’s and early 1990’s he helped to create Temple Christians first set of bleachers and even the first outdoor concession stand at the soccer field.  Barnes also worked in the concession stand for many years. In addition to our bleachers, he coached numerous sports teams for Temple, such as little league baseball, elementary basketball, junior high girls basketball, and he was the varsity girls basketball coach for six years. When he wasn’t coaching, he was running the concession stand and basketball score book.

Barnes earned this award with due reason and with an undying will to serve God and his people, but we must never forget why we celebrate the award, we celebrate the award in honor of Mary Brown and her memory that will live on though the people whose hearts she has touched. Above all we must remember, God said we are all called to serve, these people have served God with all their heart, now it’s your turn.