TCS Cheer Camp 2017

Cheer Camp 2017

Each year the Varsity and JV Cheerleaders host Cheer Camp, which is a camp held for students in the K5-6th grade. Cheer camp started last week on Monday, January 30th as well as Tuesday and Thursday. The camp leaders are composed of nine cheerleaders: Shelby Feeney, Bethany Whitman, Jennessa Sweeney, Jacqueline Sweeney, Cheyenne Munarriz, Olivia Lugibihl, Abby Hutchinson, Kaitlyn Sutton, and Anna Acklin. There was an excellent turnout of around thirty-five elementary to middle school students in attendance. During the camp, students learn cheers for their Friday night performance, play games, and learn new routines too!

On Friday, February 3rd, the students of the 2017 Cheer Camp performed a cheer, chant, and routine at the half time of both the Varsity and Junior Varsity basketball games. The students of cheer camp were so excited to be able to perform last Friday as junior cheerleader Shelby Feeney stated, “They were very excited and nervous to perform last Friday, the upperclassman, on the other hand, felt blessed  to be able to teach these groups of younger students to be lights for God and be cheerleaders.” Junior cheerleader, Olivia Lugibihl also said, “It’s good for them to have good role models to look up to, and get to learn new things and use them for God.”

Student body president and senior cheerleader Jacqueline Sweeney stated, “The whole idea of cheer camp is to teach the basics of cheer, this lets children learn a small part of cheering for Temple.” Sophomore cheerleader Bethany Whitman said, “It’s fun for them, one of the reasons I like cheering is because I saw the older cheerleaders, and I like to do the same for the younger kids, so they get a chance to cheer for Temple as I did.” Senior cheerleader Abby Hutchinson shared, “It’s fun to watch them grow as a cheerleader and getting to learn new cheers.” Sophomore cheerleader, Anna Acklin stated, “It was a good experience for me to learn from the older cheerleaders when I was younger. It is a fun experience to get to spend time with the kids because we don’t get a lot of chances to impact the elementary kids so cheer camp is a great way for us to get to do that.” The kids of cheer camp have been influenced for the better by this great opportunity to learn from upperclassmen cheerleaders and fellow Christians to help grow each other in God.

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