TCS Pep Band 2017

Pep Band 2017

I remember coming to the basketball games and seeing the Pep Band play and seeing how it pumped the crowd up. It was part of the reason I wanted to join the band as a member. Pep Band has been a long tradition here at Temple. Though the band teachers here at Temple have come and gone, Pep Band has remained a big part of the basketball games. It’s always been a fun way to participate at the basketball games for the students who don’t play the sport. From the opening “Eye of the Tiger,” to the beloved “Hey Song,” pep band has made a name for itself at Temple Christian.  It is a fun way to include everyone at the games.

“I enjoy playing in pep band because it gives me the chance to express my love for music while also hanging out with my friends,” said junior Paul Holloway. Having personally gone through the program, it is definitely a tradition I would like to be passed on for years to come.

Not only is it fun, but it also creates a laid back atmosphere for students to enjoy playing their instruments and to try challenging music. It is fun to see the students grow in their musical abilities. Over the years, you can watch younger students mature in their musicianship and become a leader in the games. For a small private school, there aren’t big opportunities like marching band and large competitions to compete in, so this creates an opportunity that encourages students in the art of music.

Our band teacher, Mrs. Brokaw has worked hard with our band to continue to progress and get better. “Pep Band is really fun. I think it adds a lot to the atmosphere of the game, and I really appreciate the students who’ve been contributing to it” Brokaw stated. I would encourage any student considering playing in Pep Band to join the fun and create the classic Temple spirit atmosphere at the basketball games.