TCS Food Fight

February Food Fight

The February Food Fight will mark Temple Christian’s second annual food drive. The National Honor Society is in charge of this drive each year and does a great job collecting the cans and promoting the drive to local businesses. The previous year was a great success, bringing in about 4,600 cans and boxes of food of other necessities. The goal this year was 4,000 cans, and 2,646 cans were donated this year! This was all donated to New Life Church International Food Pantry which will be used to help over a thousand people in shelters and those in need of food and supplies.

The can drive started Friday, February 17 and ended on February 27, again 2,646 cans were donated this year! The winning classes were the senior and fifth-grade class, great job! The winning classes will receive a pizza party. Temple Christian won first place in the local  February Food Fight by the student to can ratio! Great job, TCS!