Sophomore Students at the OSU Stem Day

OSU Stem Day


By: Ethan Kramer

Sophomore students at the OSU Stem Day.

            On Monday, March 13, was the women’s STEM day at Ohio State University, around 150 young women showed up for this event including seven Temple Christian students from the sophomore class. The students were encouraged to join the STEM (science, technology, engineering, mechanics) field since those are male-dominated fields. The students were told that men and women are equal and there are a lot of job opportunities for these areas including engineering, scientists, and technical. 

          The course started at 9:00 am with the first speaker Dr. Megan Rutledge who is an optometrist in the area. Dr. Rutledge spoke to these students about the STEM field and how to join the field based on her experience. The students then broke up into different hands-on activities. The three activities of the day were an entomology session, and they learned how to identify various types of bugs and insects, taught by a biologist. The second event was a room full of dinosaur models, this event showed students how to identify the mass of a prehistoric creature by putting them in water, and watching as the volume of the tank rose. A paleontologist taught this event. The last event was physics style demonstration, in this class, the students made a telescope out of a foam substance. An astronomist taught the event. After this, they went to lunch, and a panel of workers in the STEM field talked to them about their careers. 

         Students enjoyed the event and learned a lot about STEM careers and the importance of females joining these work environments.