Reading Month – March

           The month of March is reading month! Each year TCS celebrates with a great theme and many reading challenges in the elementary wing. This year the theme was Reading Rodeo. One thing that reading can do for you transports you to another world and allows you to escape your troubles. Being a teacher during this month has its perks. You get to help students get excited about reading and develop a love for reading. Many of the teachers had the same feeling about reading month. The K-5 teacher, Mrs. Wierwille, says that reading month to her is, “making reading more excited for the kids and have the books that they are reading come alive to them.”

           The first-grade teacher, Mrs. Rager, says that she wants to get the kids excited about books and reading. Mrs. Linhart, the second-grade teacher, stated that, “Reading month is about getting the kids excited with reading and to read on a daily basis.” The third-grade teacher, Mrs. Brorein, says that reading month is a time to encourage the kids. The fourth-grade teacher, Mrs. Whitman, exclaimed that “I want to encourage reading, I love to promote it in all aspects. I try, and I hope I am succeeding, to make reading fun and positive with rewards to encourage it more.” The fifth-grade teacher, Mrs. Lawrence, says” I hope to encourage the kids to explore different worlds through reading.”

          The elementary teachers hope the students get so much out of reading month. Mrs. Wierwille says she hopes the children receive more growth in reading and it is a chance for the kids to really grow in their reading skills. Mrs. Whitman hopes for better readers. The third-grade teacher hopes that the students learn to enjoy the reading. Mrs. Whitman, Mrs. Linhart, and Mrs. Lawrence all hope that the kids develop a love for reading. “I hope the children want to adventure through books and not through television and that they also develop an excitement for books.”

             When the teachers were asked what their favorite books were they hesitated. It took them awhile to figure out what book was their most loved. The books ranged from the Bible to Divergent. No two teachers had the same favorite book, for instance, Mrs. Wierwille’s favorite books are ones that encourage her to get better with her walk with the Lord. She wants to grow more in the Lord to encourage others. Mrs. Linhart, however, says, “My favorite books have to be The Divergent Series, the reason why I like them is that the books had a very interesting story line. I also like exciting stories and books with lots of action.” Mrs. Brorein’s favorite book is Little Women; she likes reading about the past. Mrs. Whitman’s favorite book is kind of self-explanatory as she does a play on it every year;  The Lion, The Witch, and The Wardrobe the reason why is because of the Biblical Truth in a fun, adventurous story. “Anything Agatha Cristie for me! I love mysteries.” Mrs. Lawrence stated. Mrs. Rager’s favorite book is anything, Agatha Christie. When asked why she said, ” I just love mystery.” Sadly Reading Month ended, but the conclusion for it was filled with fun, games, excitement, and food.